Each student is asked questions about the reasons of choosing the profession. Sometimes you need to write an essay about it. How to do it right?

Writing an Essay About a Profession

At school, we often write compositions about our future profession. We name the reasons why we like it and describe our expectations from it. The desired profession is usually different in each composition. But it’s not surprising – we look through all the options in order to be able to make a right choice before entering the university. When the choice is made, there appear questions about its reasons. It’s not difficult to answer in a few words. But in the university, some professors will also ask you the same question and even give a task to write an essay about it.

Speaking about your choice of profession with professors is difficult because they are, as usual, the representatives of this profession. They can easily break your expectations guided by their own experience and they will ask you to find more and more reasons for your choice. So it’s important to give irrefutable reasons and don’t build great expectations. Let’s find a way to write an essay about your profession right! We have completed these hints based on the examples of such essays at I already have a plan to write an essay and having discussed the issue with the experts of the service.

The Structure of the Essay

Compositions in the university have more requirements than in school, so the structure is very important. Your essay should be divided into paragraphs, have logical connection between each paragraph, contain all the necessary information and describe your thoughts. It looks like all the essays, but a composition about the profession should explain your reasons of choosing it, including your first impression of this trade and the causes for the final decision.

Therefore, we can demonstrate an example of the structure. For better results you can write a plan of your composition:

  1. The introduction (general information about the profession);
  2. The main part (how did you know about it, what was your first impressions, why did you like it, what information did you learn since that time, what is the main reason for your decision, what do you like and dislike about this profession, which expectations of yours were destroyed and what are you still hoping for, did you ask the representatives of the profession about its secrets etc.);
  3. The conclusions (your impressions from studying in the university and the first steps to your profession).

What Information Should Be Taken from Sources?

In the essay about your profession, you cannot just express your thoughts; you also need to present the reliable information. It concerns the general information about the profession, which can be found in the Internet. You need to use this material in the place of the reasons for your decisions, like the assertions and confirmations of your opinion.

However, when you use the information from different sources, you need to note that you have read it in the Internet, book or heard it from someone. For example, when you describe what you dislike in the profession of psychologist, you can write “I thought that a psychologist should have a trustful conversation with patients. But then I read in the Internet that a psychologist should keep a big distance between them two. I think it’s wrong.”

How to Express Your Own Opinion in the Correct Form?

While information from sources can be just taken, your own opinion should be expressed with your own words. Your composition need to convince the professor that you realize all the pros and cons of your profession and you don’t have any illusions. You need to show that you are ready to work hard to achieve high level of qualification.

To show the better knowledge about your profession, you need to speak with some representatives of this profession or read blogs in the Internet. It will help you to know the secrets of it and be ready to the professor’s questions. You should formulate your thoughts confidently. When you describe your favorite part of the profession, you can explain why you love it; when you describe the part, which you dislike the most, you may try to find a way to avoid this part in your future. It will be good to explain why you dislike it, but the reason should be substantiated. You can continue the thoughts from our previous example about a psychologist: “I think it’s wrong, because a patient can’t be truthful with the doctor if the last doesn’t build any connection.”

In general, your own opinions in the essay about your profession should be expressed clearly and competently, but it is your decision about what information you have to write. For example, you chose the profession of surgeon, because your relative died during the surgery due to a medical error, and you want to become a better doctor. This is private information and you don’t have to tell it – you can just miss this reason of your choice.

Professor’s Questions

It isn’t a part of writing an essay about your profession, but it’s connected with it. After reading your composition, the professor can discuss it during your classes. To be able to answer the questions, you have to remember the information in it and understand this information. So, when you write the essay, it’s better not to add a lot of extra information, which you found in the Internet and can’t remember. The professor may ask you to explain the meaning of some sentences and assertions, that is why you should be able to answer and show the connection between this and the essay.

Professor can also disagree with your thoughts (because he or she knows this job better than you do). In this case, you need to explain why you thought so, then listen to professor’s information and be ready to accept the truth, which can be unpleasant.

Your essay about the profession should reflect your true opinion and you need to be able to reproduce the information from it in your memory. That is why you shouldn’t write difficult assertions – if you understand what you are talking about, it’s enough to explain it without complications. You need to think about this issue before writing and you will succeed!